i wish thi blog were getting more submissions/followers! maybe it's just really similar to a lot of other blogs but it's still nice

I would love if i got more followers and submissions too! I think its partially my fault because i get so little time to tend to my poor blog and i recently had quite of bit of time with no access to internet whatsoever so there’s that too, but like i always say: I’m going to try to do better!
(and thank you to all of you who have stuck it out with me and continued to support my shabby little blog all this time, much love!) 

Hey there! We're a new blog as of today! Myself and a friend have started this blog to show people that there is hope, and to give ourselves something to read over in times of sadnesses, to see all the good things. It'd mean the world to us if you could post this to help us try and get our blog out there. We take submissions, answer advice/asks, and follow back until we hit 1000! Thank you, have a wonderful day! ♥

Absolutely! I have no problem whatsoever promoting other blogs with the same goal as me so everyone go check out this lovely blog, follow, and tell your friends! <3